Welcome to the tribeWelcome to Pilz! 

Meet endless possible combinations of happiness and style. All covetable, collectible, captivating and customized just for you and your crew. 

Our Pilz are objects of fascination pure eye candy that excites and entices your entire community of friends. Anything is possible, everything goes, and everyone partakes in the fun. 

You design. You invent. We give you endless ways to design your dream sneakers based on your fashion sense, your lifestyle, your personality, your likes and dislikes, and even your squad goals. Hundreds of stylish charms and embroidered stickers to check out and slide on. It’s all a celebration of style and casual chic. We also offer influencer creations from fashion designers, stylists, and artists. And of course, we invite you all to become a part of our amazing family: #pilz_official 

So go ahead! Create joy by designing instant fashion accessories for yourself, your friends, and others around the world. Just be sure to style up your sneakers!



We’re a brand about creating instant joy. Making uplifting moments. When customers encounter Pilz, their spirits soar.



Endless Pilz combinations mean unlimited opportunities for creativity.The brand is chic and fashionable never silly. Still, it’s always fun. 


There’s an optimism to Pilz as if the brand itself is an invitation to a world where anything is possible and everything is achievable. 


Tribe. Squad. Crew. Pack. Posse.  Pilz is synonymous with friendship, community, and connecting with others around the world.

Pilz is 

An encounter between creativity and quality.


For people that are 

Young-minded! Spirited! Positive! Cosmopolitan! Charming! Social! Convivial! Creative!


For products that are 

Customizable, collectible, covetable, captivating, unique with infinite ways to mix, match, and more.


With a focus on 

The sweet spot where fashion meets and mingles with customers’ own personal senses of style, taste, and fun.