Having a party soon?

We have plenty of ideas for you to make your party a success. At SLIDZ, we have developed the tools to be able to create your very own design of Slidz in 2 weeks time and product it in 30 days.

You can have your loved symbol or your company logo designed and we will make it for you.


By giving thoughtful gifts to the most important assets for your business, such as your customers and hard-working employees, you will be rewarding them while at the same time promoting your campaigns, products & services. Maintaining higher quality customer relationships is as EASY as selecting the right promotional gifts for your business. When you are able to give an item of value that will be appreciated and enjoyed by the people you are interested in rewarding, you will be able to make the most out of a chance to better your corporate image.


Too often guests attend a wedding and then feel guilty when they decide to throw out the useless wedding favours. If you really want your wedding to stand out from all the rest, then find some indispensable, funny wedding gifts for your guests. There are a ton of amazing, hilarious wedding gifts that guests will love and appreciate. SLIDZ is here to unlock your creativity and realize your dreamed personalized gift.

How Does It Work?

A 5 simple steps process 

45 days turnaround time

Minimum Order $1,000 equivalent to 90 to 200 Slidz (depending on model)

1- YOUR DESIGN: You send us your drawing with dimensions and the exact colours that you would like to have. We can do 4 types of plating (gold, rose gold, silver and gun metal), hundreds of enamel painting colours and any shape you love. We can also add rhinestones of different colours if you wish. Download the template to follow our instructions.

2- OUR TECHNICAL DRAWING (up to 7 days, $100 per design): We will charge you US$100 to start the design process. Within 7 days, we will come back to you with a technical drawing to validate your request, and we will also give you the pricing. In average the cost will be from US$5.90 to US$14.90 per piece with a minimum order of US$900. Exceptionally, the cost can be higher depending on the complexity of your design.

3- MOULDING SIGN-OFF (up to 7 days): At that stage, you will confirm our technical drawing within 7 days and you will sign-off the final order to launch the mould production.

4- PROTOTYPE VALIDATION (10 to 15 days): We will mail you the prototype (postage fee at your expense) for your final validation. Any modification will trigger a $100 charge to redo a new mould.

5- PRODUCTION (15 to 25 days): We will then launch the production and will charge the full order amount prior to produce.

Wanna Make Your Unique SLIDZ?

It is time to contact us with your creative ideas. The best way to kick start a project if to email us your drawing on our template that you can download here. Once your template ready, email to mydesign@slidz.com